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--handling registrations, transfers, THE, data entry, data lookup




* Spring 2018 EPDs Now in Use


NOTICE: A discrepancy was found in some carcass EPDS on 1/5/2018. The error was fixed that evening. Please update EPDs that were retrieved on or before Friday 1/5/2018.


A new genetic evaluation was done in Nov/Dec. EPDs from this genetic evaluation are now in place, displayed on the web site and printed on registration certificates and other reports. (Effective 12/27/2017 pm)


* Spring 2018 THE Enrollment is now OPEN

Spring 2018 THE inventories are due December 15, 2017. An enrollment Packet was mailed to you if you do not have an email address on your account. You can either complete the paper inventory and mail it to ASA (postmarked by December 15, 2017), or update your inventory online via Herdbook Services. See THE Information for more information.

* Registering an animal of another Breed - Foundation Registration

If you are registering an animal out of a sire of another breed, this sire must be registered in another breed association and then registered with ASA as a foundation animal.

If you are registering an animal out of a cow of another breed that is registered in another breed association the animal will have a more complete pedigree and EPDs if the cow is registered with ASA as a foundation animal.

There is information on registering foundation animals here.

* Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH)

This is a cosmetic genetic trait affecting Simmental cattle.  For more information on genetic defects click here  

* Within Herd Genetic Trends

You can now see the genetic trends of your herd for 9 EPDs. You can also compare your genetic trend to the genetic trend for all animals in ASAs database. Select the "Trends" option under the "Herd Mgmt" tab above (after logging in). More..

* Check your Performance Advocate Score

"Performance Advocate Scores" are now displayed for THE herds on ASA web site. More..

* Avoid processing delays! Required tests for sires and donor - 

All bulls with semen collected and donor cows must be have a high density DNA SNP analysis. And all sires and donors cows with a carrier in their lineage (CL, DL) or who come from a risk population (PR) for specified genetic defectives must be tested for that defective before registration certificates and EPDs are available on new progeny. Please plan ahead; tests can take from 4 to 8 weeks. No testing is required on dams of natural calves. More..

-------------------- Instructions for Herdbook Services -------------------------

    1. `Log in` by choosing that option from options tab in the top bar. Have your member/account number and password available. If you are not a member of the Association, you can create an account from the Log In page to have access to more search features.

    2. Registrations, transfers, calf records and THE enrollments can be done under `Data Entry` after log in.

    3. Choose Online from `Data Entry` to enter data through the web site. You can preload animals or start with an empty spreadsheet of rows and columns. Each row represents 1 animal and the columns represent specific data on the animal. When you select (click on) a column heading, information about the colum is displayed. The tabs immediately above the spreadsheet are used to change the column headings for entering (or viewing) additional data.

    4. Choose Download from `Data Entry` to get a form to enter this information off line using Excel to upload at a later time. Choose Upload when the Excel file is complete and data is ready to send to ASA.

    5. To display epd and pedigree information choose `Animal Search` under `Data Search`. Choose `EPD Search` to search the database for animals meeting specified EPD and other criteria.

    6. `Reports` under `Herd Mgmt` provides calf crop summaries and more. You can also create you own groups and reports.

    7. Please call (406-587-4531) or email (simmental@simmgene.com) the Association if you have questions or comments.

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Phone: 406-587-4531
Fax: 406-587-9301
Email: simmental@simmgene.com


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