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DNA Enhanced Accuracy Calculator

As stated by the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF), DNA tests only have utility when incorporated into national cattle evaluation, i.e., into traditional EPDs. As with any data added to an animal's record (e.g., birth weight, imf score), the value of DNA data can be gauged by the increase in accuracy achieved when incorporating it into an EPD. Because this tool calculates the resultant accuracy for an animal's EPD when information from a DNA test is added to its record, it provides the user with an objective measure of the value of the DNA test.

The calculator requires an estimate of what genomic companies refer to as the "reliability" of the test for the trait of interest. In statistical terms, reliability is the correlation between DNA test estimates and animals' true genetic value for the trait, which, put another way, is the square root of the proportion of total additive genetic variation accounted for by the DNA test. The calculator also requires the animal's current accuracy level for the trait of interest. The difference between DNA enhanced accuracy and initial accuracy is the increase in accuracy due to the DNA test.

You will notice that the accuracy value required for input and calculated for output is called BIF accuracy. BIF accuracy is the accuracy ASA and all beef breeds in the US publish along with EPDs. Genomic companies may provide an estimate of accuracy (e.g. "reliability") with their DNA tests, however, the estimates are not comparable with BIF accuracy unless a conversion is performed. This calculator performs the conversion.

Input values must be between 1 & 0, inclusive!